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30-Minute Initial Consultation - $0

Shared Room Acupuncture Treatment - $30

Private Room Acupuncture Treatment - $80

Facial Acupuncture Treatment - $125

Meditative Yoga Class - $12

Acupuncture Packages of 6 for 10% OFF

Mix and match shared/private acupuncture rooms using the sample chart below!

Total Treatments Private Room Shared Room Total Cost (10% OFF)
6 6 0 $432
6 4 2 $342
6 3 3 $297
6 2 4 $252
6 0 6 $162

Facial Acupuncture

Through Traditional Chinese Medicine, we use acupuncture, herbal recommendations, or skin care products to revitalize your face. This series of 12 treatments can bring youthful energy to your face, clear blemishes, reduce wrinkles and puffiness, and make you look years younger.

A standard treatment is 60 minutes long and for best holding results we suggest 12 treatments over 6 weeks. This process is toxin free, chemical free, and is less costly than Botox, chemical peels, and dermabrasion.

For your first treatment your acupuncturist will ask health questions to make sure you are a healthy candidate for acupuncture. Your acupuncturist may recommend dietary changes or herbal recommendations based on their diagnosis of your skin condition in addition to treatment.

Then, in treatment you will begin with a clean face, and simply relax in our soothing treatment room as our acupuncturists provide you with skillful and swift service.

Shared Room Acupuncture

Something really special happens when you receive an acupuncture treatment in a room with other people. As your body releases its tension and becomes more centered, the combined healing energy of the group around you feels more powerful than the individual healing. Similar to tuning forks, each person in treatment helps to support the harmony of the rest of the group. This communal method of healing is like harmonics with acupuncture — a truly incredible experience. Visit us today and see for yourself how community style acupuncture can benefit you!

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