Moxibustion: By burning mugwort, we add heat and energy to specific body parts or acupuncture points. The therapeutic value of adding heat is extensive. It can resolve ailments that are cold in nature such as certain menstrual disorders, chronic low back pain, arthritis, digestive ailments as well as others. Our acupuncturists will evaluate the necessity of Moxibustion and consult with the patient on its use.

Cupping: also known as “fire-cupping”, we create a vacuum within the glass cup by quickly inserting fire then removing it. We suction the cup on the skin. This creates blood movement under the skin. It is excellent for relieving tense muscles, old traumas, pulls common cold pathogens to the surface and it feels great.

We offer cupping combined with acupuncture within the standard 60-min appointment.

Specialized cupping-only appointments can be made after consulting with an acupuncturist. Contact our staff for more information.